California facebook discussion regarding Senators use of time

Alex Vassar- Former California State Senator

Bet you didn’t know: In 1959, the State Assembly had a “Special Committee on the Disneyland Monorail System”

Alex Vassar's photo.
Was this research conducted during work hours?
Thanks Alex. High Speed Rail, circa 1959! The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Finding this was research done on Senate time back when I was on the 2nd Floor. smile emoticon
56 years of legislative meddling – things haven’t changed much.
This explains a lot. Now  we know why the State Legislature has pursued silly utopian transportation solutions all these years. I wonder if there was also a committee on Fantasy-land. It would explain all the other social engineering they’ve tried to implement over the years. (“…No Senator, pixie dust isn’t real and it can’t make people fly… ” Walt Disney, testimony before the Assembly Special Committee on Tomorrow-land, June 2, 1962)
If I recall however wasn’t it Disney that proposed this system and was willing to foot at large part of the bill? At the time mass transit in So Cal hardly even considered a link between orange county and LA? Who wasn’t inspired by this amazing technology that Disney displayed. Even as a kid I heard stories about the possibility of its construction and thought it was innovative. The prospect of such a system continued through to my early adulthood and I followed it. I believe it was in part the catalyst of the rail system you have now. Those silly utopian transportation systems are what operated and kept our country growing and were instrumental in Lincoln’s strategic winning of the civil war. A monorail system is still a viable options especially with recent developments into self generating energy sources from the rail itself. Its still OK to think outside the box, wherever innovation shows itself. Especially legislators. Maybe a trip to Disneyland would not be a bad idea on Senate time to re-inspire your dreams. Those dreams are what made America so amazing.
Originally built by Alweg. Alweg proposed to the L.A. City Council to build a monorail public transportation system throughout the city entirely at their own expense asking only to collect the subsequent fares to cover the cost of building, operating, and maintaining the system. The City Council rejected the offer in favor of not having any mass transit system at all. Got to love those politicians.
I bet it didn’t cost $100 billion to build, either!

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